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  • Plumbing


    Used in construction and plumbing to secure drainage pipes to a concrete slab or foundation. This provides stability, alignment, and durability, helping to prevent movement and maintain proper drainage flow.

  • Plug & Wastes


    Match your basin overflow to your tapware and waste. Available in 2 designs and 5 popular finishes/colours.
  • Plug & Wastes


    The new Pop Down® White will ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty and functionality of this product in their basin and bath.
  • Bathroom Accessories


    The Anook® shower niche is the ultimate space saving bathroom accessory. Your home for shampoo, soap and shower essentials perfect as a bathroom shelf.
  • Plug & Wastes


    Thanks to its innovative, patented design the Pop Down® waste sits flush in its open position providing a clean, consistent look throughout your bathroom.
  • Floor Wastes

    Bermuda Floor Wastes

    The flagship of the Bounty Bathroomware range, the Bermuda floor waste system is a simple, discreet solution for any bathroom or wet area.
  • Floor Wastes

    Bermuda Channel Grate

    The Bounty Bathroomware Bermuda Channel Floor Grate range offers clean lines and superior durability that only 316 Stainless Steel can deliver.
  • Plumbing

    Bottle Trap

    The Bounty Bathroomware Bottle Trap is designed to elegantly complement any bathroom. Simplistic in design while remaining highly functional and easy to install.
  • Floor Wastes

    Long As You Like (LAYL) Kit

    The LAYL Channel allows you to customise a floor waste channel to suit the length of any application. Made from 316 Stainless Steel, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications (shower, swimming pool etc).

    Our Brands

    Our Story

    Widely recognised as the market leader in Basin, Bath and Floor Waste products, Art Plumbing & Bathroomware has an innovative solution for every project – Residential or Commercial. Our Bounty Bathroomware brand of designer products has heads turning around the world with our flagship Bermuda & Pop Down® products.

    Whether you are looking for high fashion bathroom products in a range of electroplated and PVD finishes / colours, or the durability of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel for that high traffic area, Art Plumbing & Bathroomware has the solution.

    There is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with choosing products from a fully Australian owned and operated business with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and our story is only just beginning.

    Please click on the link above, to view & download our product catalogue, brochure & flyers.

    Discover A Quality Solution

    Floor Wastes

    Floor Wastes

    Our range includes traditional plastic floor wastes through to chrome on plastic, stainless steel faced and brass waste systems.

    Plug and Wastes

    Art Plumbing & Bathroomware have been manufacturing Plug & Wastes for local and overseas markets for over 30 years. We have the industry leading range of Plug & Wastes.



    Art Plumbing & Bathroomware has a diverse range of specialised and high value added general plumbing products.



    Our new Classic Down Pipe range offers UPVC fittings that make installation of architectural downpipes quick and easy.

    Anook Shower Niche


    The Anook® shower niche is the ultimate space saving bathroom accessory. Your home for shampoo, soap and shower essentials, and perfect as a bathroom shelf.

    Art Plumbing & Bathroomware Australia specialises in the following core competencies

    • Plastic Injection Moulding
    • Plumbing Product Manufacturing
    • Metal Stamping
    • Concept Development
    • Tool Design
    • Tool Manufacture
    • Watermark Licensed
    • Standards Mark Licensed

    Inspiration Gallery

    Art Plumbing & Bathroomware Australia is a service driven, highly reliable distributor of art and bounty products to plumbing and bathroom industry.

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    After the installation of your Pop Down® waste, if you find that it does not hold water when closed there may be an installation issue. A simple test can be conducted to see if water is passing around the waste (in the case of an installation fault), or through the waste, which would be a product fault.

    To test, close your Pop Down® waste and partially fill your basin with water. If the water empties from the basin but does not empty from the well above the Pop Down® mechanism, it would suggest an installation fault. In this case you would need to call the installing plumber.

    If the water empties from the basin and also empties from the well above the Pop Down® mechanism, it would suggest a product fault. In this case, contact us and we will send a replacement mechanism.