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How can I get a Pop up to release? (Four-in-One™ only)

From time-to-time the mechanisms in Pop Up wastes become stuck. If this has occurred it may prove difficult to remove or release this without uninstalling the waste. However, if you are willing to try to remove it yourself, you may have success with the following directions:

  • Put your fingers down the wastes and try to unscrew the button in an anti-clockwise direction. If successful you will be able to remove the button and access / unscrew the mechanism.
  • On removal of the mechanism, a good clean may bring it back to life. Alternatively, contact us and we can make arrangements to provide you with a replacement mechanism (free-of-charge if the product is still in Warranty).
How does the waste in the middle of the floor go black?

Many of the cleaning products used in bathrooms are unsuitable for prolonged contact with electroplated finishes such as Chrome Plating. It is common that these products are used when moping floors. In the shower, the residue left from these products is washed away through the regular use of this facility. However, in the case of the Floor Waste in the middle of the bathroom, the residue of these cleaning chemicals is not washed away, and therefore starts to damage the finish.
Please see Care Instructions to see more details around appropriate cleaning and care practices.

Why is my Bermuda tile insert slow draining?

All Bermuda Tile Insert Floor Wastes come with a strainer installed below the tile insert. This strainer is designed to catch hair etc. so that it doesn’t wash down the drain. To clear the strainer, simply lift the tile insert out and remove and clean the strainer. You may choose not to re-install the strainer so as to avoid the need for cleaning it.

My Pop Down® waste is stuck in the closed position. How do I fix it?

This is generally the result of a partial blockage. This blockage can be a build-up of hair etc. that has caught on the mechanism of the waste. To check this, simply remove the mechanism (see video), clear away any hair, rinse the mechanism and drop it back into your waste. If this does not rectify the problem, there may be a partial blockage downstream. If so, remove the mechanism and if water doesn’t run away quickly it is most like you have a downstream blockage. Best to call a plumber to deal with this.

How do I identify my product as an Art Plastics / Bounty Brassware product?

All our products will carry our branding and / or WaterMark License number.

My Pop Down® waste is stuck in the closed position. How do I fix it?

The most common cause for the waste to get stuck in the closed position is lack of cleaning and as such the mechanism is clogged with gunk. This will require you to remove the cartridge and clean the mechanism. The best way to do this is get a piece of string or Dental floss and wrap around just under the edge of the button cap and pull straight up. This should remove the whole cartridge. Operate and clean the mechanism and the throat of the waste and reinsert cartridge. If mechanism no longer works, please contact us to request a free-of-charge replacement.

What is the warranty on Art Plumbing Products / Bounty Bathroomware products?

All Art Plumbing Products / Bounty Bathroomware products carry a 2-year conditional warranty. Please see websites for details.

When I plug my Pop Down® or Four-in-One™ Pop Up waste my basin / bath is still draining.

This can be the result of one of two things:

  1. The waste has not been sealed adequately to the basin / bath and the water is passing around the waste (not through it). This water passing around the waste is still captured by the underside of the waste and conveyed into the drainage, therefore no leak will appear. The installing plumber should be contacted to rectify this fault. Click link for video of how to check this
  2. The mechanism in the Pop Down® or Four-in-One™ Pop Up waste is not functioning correctly. Contact Art Plastics / Wasteland to request assistance. Please refer How to remove the Pop Down® mechanism video on the sidebar area to check this.
Do I need to clean my Pop Down® waste?

Like all Bathroomware fixtures and fittings, the Pop Down® waste should be cleaned regularly. This should be done with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. No harsh cleaning products should be used for cleaning.

Note: The Pop Down® cartridge should be removed regularly so all hair / debris can be disposed of. Please refer How to remove the Pop Down® mechanism video on the sidebar area.

How do I clean my Pop Up Basin Waste?